Saturday, December 20, 2008


Here is a Screenshot of my healing setup. mods are:

1. Bartender4: This is my main bar with my healing on my 2nd page that I get to by hitting shift 4
2. Bartender4: An extra bar for my incidentals like cooking, mounts, rezzing
3. Bartender4: My macros for my totems. I have 5 sets up totems written up as macros to use in different types of groups. One for melee, one for spell casters, melee protection, pvp that kinda thing. Will list each one here when I get back online.
4. Bartender4: My consumables bar, buff food, bandages, pots and my trinkets. I used to use bartender but it was a major memory hog so I switched to this way.
5. Carbonite: Switched to this from Questhelper, I find it much easier to work with and I minimize when in combat so it is out of the way when I don't need it.
6. Minimap button frame: Gets most of minimap buttons off the ring so that I don't see em when I don't need em.
7. Recount: Always need the stats to see how people are doing in raids and instances
8: Omen: Can't see it because it only comes up when in combat. aggro management, nuff said.
9. Totemtimers: Easy to cast my totems when flipping through in case of changes for what I am running. need a poison cleansing totem hit it. need a mana spring totem and then healing stream totem np.
10. SmartDebuff: use it to cleanse, remove curses whatever is needed to keep the tank and group up.
11. Grid: Main interface for healing, most of my macros are mouseover for targetting and I keep this close to my center of attention. Can keep track of who has riptide, earthshield and when I have tidal waves. Also track who has incoming heals on that.

Keybindings on 1:

1. Nature's swiftness
2. Macro for Chain Heal
3. Macro for Lesser Healing Wave
4. Macro for Riptide
5. Totemic Recall
6. Macro for Healing Wave
7. Wind Shock
8. Tidal Force
9. Riptide
0. Heroism
=. Purge

In the background I run:
Visual Heal: so that the tank knows when they have an incoming heal and how far out it is.
ratingsbuster: to compare how good my equipment is to what I am picking to see if it is worthwhile having.
Deadly Boss Mods: Tell me when to get out of the way of a problem
CTmod: To move my tooltips from default.
FreeRefills: Refill my Anhks when they get low along with water and food if I need it.
OmniCC: to see cool downs on my buttons
Quartz: To see latency issues to know when I can cast again.
Smoothdurability: To see how my armor is and automatically repair it.
TekJunkSeller: Sell all my greys
Talented: For when I switch specs. Easy to manage

When raiding time comes:
Headcount: Be able to post here who gets what armor
Healorganizer: Easy to transmit healling assignments
ORA2: For watching tanks and main dps
SRaidFrames: easier interface to work with, thinking about making this a raid requirement so leaders can see who has combat rez available or Reincarnation, soulStone.
Chain Heal Macro:
/cast [target=mouseover, help][help][target=targettarget, help][target=focus, help][target=player] Chain Heal

Lesser Healing Wave Macro:
/cast [target=mouseover, help][help][target=targettarget, help][target=focus, help][target=player]Lesser Healing Wave

Riptide Macro:
/cast [target=mouseover, help][help][target=targettarget, help][target=focus, help][target=player] riptide

Healing Wave Macro:
/cast [target=mouseover, help][help][target=targettarget, help][target=focus, help][target=player]Healing Wave

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I haven't been focused much on leveling my DK, mostly because of real world things. I have, however, recently gotten my herbalism up to 300 and my enchanting to 226. Enchanting is harder to level. I have been using this guide I found. I will link it once I make sure that there aren't any questionable words or links. I didn't notice bad language, but with my lack of sleep, I could have overlooked something.

Another thing I have noticed being an Unholy specced DK...sometimes I have a hard time keeping aggro. I really have to figure out the best way to do so. Of course, it would help if my fellow DK's that I am leveling up with would quit TRYING to take the aggro from me...they do it on purpose just to irk me. It is kind of funny, but not when it happens...later, I can laugh.

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone, just in case I don't get back before then. I really need to be more active on this blog.

Apologies for the AFK

Sorry for having been AFK for the past week or so but we had our baby on the 12th so have a bouncing baby girl to add to the family. I hope things will balance out soon so that I can get on more often but for now it is for about an hr or so if that.

Have a merry Christmas if I don't get back before then.

Monday, December 8, 2008



Went into here for the second time in a row. Not a bad instance all in all, pretty quick to run and has a chance to give you some good loot. I replace my Virtuous Shard, though I was lothe to do so with Life-Staff of the Web Lair. Not exactly what I wanted but seems to do good to replace what I had. Will get more into this tmoro when I have time. Just thought I would give a bit of a heads up.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

There's Gold in Them There Hills!!


Ah finally broke the 5000g mark. Not quite ready to pick up the epic mount for Piqued yet but will do so soon. I have taken a bit of a break from leveling him until my wife has the baby as we don't have as much time to play together as I would like. I have pulled my mage out of retirement for a little while. Working my way through Howling Fjord with him and the quests are quite interesting. I am beginning to despise the shoveltusks, they seem more prevelant than the Rhinos and Mammoths in Borean. Ah well still enjoying leveling my mage, nothing says fun quite like "Nuke em all, let God sort em out."

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Rumors are abound that curse client and possibly wowmatrix have a possible keylogger problem. Not sure what addons are causing it but it has been advised at a number of the sites I have been to that we should all manually update addons if you need to.

Personally I would advise not updating for a while unless the addon is absolutely needed and is broken. For me I use wowmatrix because it only downloads updates to my computer, curse client has a profiler that it uploads to their server to update their databases.


We now return you to your regularly schedule play time.