Friday, October 23, 2009

Interesting Addon

Something I came across that I thought I would share with my readers. It came from the writer of Healing Way and is written specifically for Resto Shaman. GridStatusChainWho gives you a way of marking grid to see who you cast chain heal on and who it jumped to as well as if it critted or not. Ran with it in a number of heroics last nite and I am a little disturbed at how many times I cast it without it jumping even once. I find it has made me examine my healing and made me more aware of what is happening around me. Play around with it if you run Grid and see what you thing.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Run Away! Run Away!!

The Headless Horseman is upon us. Yes ladies and germs it is Hallow's End so assemble your groups and move into Scarlet Monastery Cemetery to get your mount, if you are so lucky. Move onto the towns and look to the inns to get the achievements, for all those who missed out last year and are still looking for their purple dragons. (Hmm does that have anything to do with Puff?)

Well I got my party together and we moved to SM Cemetery, loaded up Horseman. Seems that the instance server we loaded to was 3 hrs after ours, and so Hallow's End hadn't started there yet. I was in no mood to wait 3 hrs to get into my instance and try for him so I said enough and called it a night. Hopefully we won't have any problems tomorrow. On a plus note we had a new lvl 80 DK join us tnite and is willing to help tank. Maybe this will help fill the rosters so that we can move into raids again. See how it pans out.

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Help Site

This site was brought to my attention by, Twisted Nether as well as I have enjoyed viewing the questions put forth there and have tried to help out as much as possible. Head on over there and put in your $.02 to help out.

Blooded Dragons of Uldaman - GuildOx - WoW Guild Progress and Loot Rankings

Blooded Dragons of Uldaman - GuildOx - WoW Guild Progress and Loot Rankings

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We can Haz Pengu?

Interesting. Was logging into WoW tnite and came across a post at the login in screen.

"in 29 days, on November 11, 2009, all accounts must be converted into a account to login to World of Warcraft. Any existing account that upgrades to the platform, including ones that were upgraded in the past, will receive a brand new in-game penguin pet starting later this week."

Will have to wait until later to get a screenshot of the pet to show off, but to think we will be getting a penguin and a mini Onyxia? Wow they are free with the vanity pets. Does this mean they are catering to the female gamers out there? Just Kidding!! /ducks flying debris thrown by lady gamers.

10 man TOC

Very interesting fight.

1st one is the creature fight where u have to take on is Gormok, pretty simple heal in that you just have to watch for the bars going down. We had 2 shamans in the group along with a priest healer, I set up the other shaman and priest as mt/ot heals and had myself on raid, we through down stoneskin, fire resist, flametongue, mana stream, healing stream, wrath of air and wind fury totems to help buff up as much as we could. As a healer watch for the impales, keep the tanks and raid up and watch for Snobolds, if you get a snobold call for a dps to kill em as fast as possible as they have a nasty habit of interrupting.

2nd was the 2 worms, I hated this fight because I could never quite get it figured out. Make sure you are to the back of the worms as the stationary one will spray and aoe in front of it. Have a healing stream totem close to the tanks to help keep them topped off.

3rd Icehowl. Pretty simple fight, only thing I found was when he pointed at you, you want to run perpendicular to him so that he won't hit you with his charge. After he hits the wall with his charge dps was able to burn him down pretty fast.

Lord Jaraxxus
This was a pretty simple fight, only things to watch for were the 2 types of fire that he kicks out on the raid. I definitely had a fire resist totem up for this to help out a little. We also set up a couple of safe zones for people to run to if they had the legion flame so that they could run around. Reminded me a lot of naxx when you take on Glob. The rest is just a typical keep the healing meters up.

This was an interesting fight in that I don't do much for pvp, at all. Since in our group the other shaman and myself were the only cc's available we took on hexing the 2ndary healer while the group burnt down the first one. Make sure to watch your surroundings and help out however you can. Once the group has both healers down I usually picked up a caster to hex as I was able to try and minimize damage to the group. Healing stream totem is very helpful here.

Twin Valkyrs
Royal pain in the butt. With this fight you need something like DBM to help tell you which color to change to. We ran with 1/2 the group in white and half in black. In one of the phases there are balls that come out and you want to make sure keep the opposite color from your tank from hitting them, thus we usually had the healer in a dif color to the tank. Let the dps pick up like colors as this will improve the damage that they do. Only other thing to mention for healers is the vortex. When this comes up you want to pick the same color as is being cast, so if it is a black vortex then change your aura to black. This will minimize the damage done to you by the vortex.

This is the last fight you will face, when it starts out good old Arthas comes walking out and tells you about the history of the place and then drops the floor out from under you and you drop into a pool of water. Make sure all DK's have their water walking aura off as this will kill the people affected by it. (stupid DK's) you then get ready for the boss. Much like in AN he has the same abilities. deals dmg, burrows under ground, throws up spikes. In this fight the dps has to kill the bugs that come out to spread out the permafrost, also there are extra adds that come out that the dps will want to concentrate on. The thing to remember is that when the boss goes underground he throws out spikes that follow one or 2 of the raid members. The only way to keep yourself from getting killed by it is to make sure the Permafrost is between you and the spikes. They are frozen in place and you are safe. The next phase you have to do some dancing around with your heals, you want to keep the tank topped off as much as possible and yet you want to keep most of the raid at 50% so that the amount he is healed by is minimized. I can't honestly say when the phase starts as this was my first time in there and I just went off what the RL told me over vent but needless to say it took a lot of firing of CH and LHW.

Once you have him done you are done with 10 man TOC.

Hope this helps :)

Oh and I picked up this from the raid. Gloves of the Azure Prophet.

Monday, October 12, 2009

TOC finished

First time in on this guy and managed to clear the whole place in about 3 hrs. Will get something up later to help with a walk through of sorts.