Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Quiet Before the Storm

I have noticed a definite lull in the game lately. Ruby Sanctum came out and haven't seen a lot of people loading that one up, not like Sunwell was for BC. I almost think people are just getting tired and have been waiting with bated breath for what is to come in Cata. Has Blizz ramped it up too much? I wonder.

I will admit I am looking forward to the changes that are coming and I have enjoyed reading some of the different posts that beta testers have put up but I think they may have flooded the market too soon. Maybe they are worried about people leaving especially with Star Wars: The Old Republic hitting stands some time next year. Maybe they just couldn't keep it in any longer and like giddy little fan bois they wanted to spread the word about their work.

On a toon note, I have been working on Crannoc a lot more lately. I thought I could go back to Airdrigh but there just isn't much of a call for healers as there are for tanks. Could be just me but it seems that every time I queue up for a random as a tank I get in right away. As a healer? Well in no way is the wait time as bad as a DPS but it is still quite long. Not exactly sure why that is but can only assume that people are exploring healing more with their alts than tanks, granted it is much easier to gear up a healer and to go into an instance and heal than it is to tank said instance. I am enjoying tanking and my sister and bro-in-law are getting back into the game so that is helping quite a bit too.

Ah well time to head back into it. Hope to talk to you all again real soon. :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Site

Seems Battle.net has been revamped a little, not sure if everyone has it, or if it just happened to me lately or what but must admit I am a little lost without. Ah the joys of change. I keep checking in to see if I have a beta invite yet and so far...no luck. I have been keeping up with some of the changes that are posted on the wow.com site as well as following the pwnwear.com blog whose author is in the beta. FYI pwnwear.com deals with dk tanking which if you don't know has been of interest to me since I leveled Crannoc and have been playing him lately. Just don't see as much call for healers as there are for tanks so figured I would help fill a role that way.

I am a little flighty when it comes to my toons and do have a habit of switching from one to another. I enjoy playing Airdrigh my shaman but like I said not much call for them since it seems that everyone is leveling a healer alt, but not that many want to tank. Did a full clear of ToC last nite that went very smoothly, fastest I have ever gone through there in my whole WoW carreer. Healers and DPS were top on and we only had one wipe that was on the first set of bosses, the pvp part even went smoothly which was unusual. Picked up a tanking ring out of there that was a definite upgrade. Hope to get into ICC with him some time and see how I do against the first 4 bosses minimum.

Side note. Been checking out Tankspot.com, and watching The Weekly Marmot. Pretty informative webcast though a little biased in that one plays a tankadin and the other plays a priest for the most part. They do have some interesting perspectives especially since they are trying out the Beta. Hop over there if you find the time and check it out.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Talents on MMO-Champion

New talent trees were released tonite in the beta and they posted them up on www.mmo-champion.com at www.wowtal.com. I took a look at them and played around, they still have the points setup for 1 per level so it takes a little planning, just remember you need 31 in the tree you are specializing in and then you get the other 10 whereever you want to put them.

Here is what I am thinking. http://www.wowtal.com/#k=fvvFmh9X.9mn.shaman

New Changes!

Amazing how the game can be in such a flux during beta, and how people can get so perturbed by that fact. I must admit I am very curious how the new talents will shape out, and from the looks of it those in beta are getting a chance to look at it tnite. Hopefully we will have something to play around with by morning. :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cata Resto Spec

Was playing around on the wowhead.com talent calculator and have changed the spec that I plan on. This of course is up in the air due to it only just starting beta but thought I would put it out there.