Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shaman healing tips

came across this read and found it to be excellent, just had to link it here. Some of the things he mentions in here I hadn't really thought of before and I will have to give it a try. I must admit I will be carrying some extra glyphs to try out and see how it goes, flip from ES glyph to Chain Heal Glyph. Will always keep my Water and Riptide since they are the ones I need the most.


  1. Thanks for linking. I didn't mention glyphs specifically, because this is well covered in the EJ guide. However, ES is the only glyph I consider mandatory for every shaman and every task. If your raid frequently 25 man raids, CH is also very strong, the last glyph spot goes to either Riptide or LHW. If your focus is on 5 man instances or 10 raids, the CH is very weak and you have two free glyph spots to fill to your liking. I'd probably chose RT and LHW. I'd advise against The Water Mastery glyph for any shaman who's out of his questing greens.

  2. True but I have found myself moving from the mp5 area as much as I used to and moving more towards haste. With that I find myself starting to run oom a little more frequently than I used to.

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