Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The King is Dead. Long live the King.

Seems that we are losing quite a few bloggers out there lately. Wow.com's shammy blogger is moving onto greener pastures in the form of a different type and centering on his warrior. Totemhealz has just said that he is phasing out, and I have seen many others slipping by the wayside.

Thankfully we have had a few new people step and take the reins. I hope things work out great for them and am looking forward to reading their posts.

Personally I hope to get on here more often as I have been letting it slip lately. I have been healing with my shaman a lot lately though quite a bit of it has been randoms. I was farming mats for my Chopper which I finally got a cpl weeks ago. Picked up my t9 chest and legs, doubt I will replace anything else as they seem better.

Picked up the riptide totem with my emblems of frost along with the LHW one with my honor that I had from the few Wintergrasps that I did. Tried out both in 5 mans and prefer the Riptide one though I find myself having problems maintaining my 3 energizes that you can stack.

List of new blogs that I came across:


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