Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cata NDA Lifted

As I am sure most if not all of you know the NDA has been lifted and Cataclysm has moved into the Closed beta. How does this affect me? Not much, I will keep playing my Shaman and DK, though I am curious to see the changes to DK tanking since it is supposed to be down the Blood Tree. I will say that I applied for my guild for the 10 player contest they had going on earlier, highly doubt we will get invited but one can always hope.

Side note I got Crannoc into ToCr on Monday for the weekly Raid and did ok at tanking it. Was with a warrior who had prot as his 2ndary. Died on the worms when they had gotten loose and I pulled them both on me til the warrior could pick them up. The raid then burnt the worms down and the next boss. Lord Jarraxus was interesting as I was the OT and picked up the maidens and the infernals as best I could. Got a nice pair of bracers out of there, running a fair amount of randoms on him yet.


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