Friday, August 27, 2010

Great night

Had a blast tonite in ICC, got through the first 4 bosses without too much trouble. Had a new guy come in who hadn't run q lot of raids before so he was pretty excited about going on this one. Had the bow drop off Lady Deathwhisper, splinter of ice dropped for my sister the disc priest, dagger dropped on loot ship and I had the deathforge leggings drop on Saurfang. While I was getting gems and let armor for leggings someone put saranite sword breakers in trade chat so picked those up as well. Have to get a red gem to get my meta gem bonus and get the wide to put greater stm on my braces.

I have set myself up with 2 tanking specs one blood and one frost. Kept the frost since it is one I knew and have familiarize myself with the blood one. Got it from, very nice site with lots of dk resources especially for tanks, little warning there is some swearing there so wouldn't recommend it to a younger audience. I remember when I went into ICC last week as blood to try it out, wasn't very pretty, felt I as just masking keys and didn't have a plan. Played some heroics this week as blood to get used to it. Totally different story this week, went on and dis the whole first 4 bosses as blood. It isn't quite as smooth to run and you have a lot less air tank available but not bad overall. Will post my blood spec later.

Well time to /logout, u have a good weekend and hope to see you next week.


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