Monday, September 8, 2008

Fishing and Cooking

Hit level 55 with my Shaman last nite and ran Sunken Temple a few times, once to help people get some quests done and then after I got my quest from Western Plague Lands we went again with my wife and a few others. It was and interesting run and pretty quick since we had a 70 each time to help out. Interesting enough both times were Shamans one an Elemental and other was Enhanced. The Enhanced I think had an easier time with it since most of the dragon mobs were immune to Nature damage and Chain Lightning just didn't do the trick.

Side note decided to work on my fishing and cooking for once. I have never actually taken the time to level these up and surprisingly enough I don't mind doing it this time. Granted I am doing my cooking off the fish that I pick up but that is besides the point. Have found El's Extreme Anglin' - WoW Fishing Guide to be very helpful. If you are looking to level up your fishing check this out.

Also I am working with an addon called Talented and Talented Loader and would advise this for anyone who is running 2 or more different specs. Makes it less likely for you to make mistakes when speccing, also you can use it to experiment with specs without having to leave game and use a talent calculator. It hasn't been updated yet for Wrath but hope it will be.


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