Monday, September 15, 2008


Hmm a few things to say for today. Blizzard released the date that Wrath is coming out which I am sure all of you know. November 13th 2008 will be a day that many a business will be shut down due to people taking the day off so that they can install LK and start leveling to 80. Hmm I wonder how long it will take? I remember seeing a Draenei Shaman at lvl 70 in IF by the end of the 2nd week after BC came out so can't imagine it will take all that long. And the DK's? Well they will probably have Northrend flooded with them before Sunday I imagine.

Onto a slightly personal note. The guild has been in a bit of a flux of late. Seems that I had 3 officers pull their mains out of the guild so that they could see End game content before November. This is really frustrating for me because I thought I could count on these guys. I thought they would be there to help the guild no matter what. I guess I thought they had the same feelings for the game as I did in that it isn't the content that you see it is who you see it with. For me personally it is all about having fun with my friends whether that is running Deadmines to help out a lowbie or getting into Kara to see if we can take down Netherspite( which I did for the first time last nite on my druid.) Sure I wouldn't mind seeing ZA and getting into SSC or TK but to be honest if I am not running with my friends and the people I have spent the last 2 yrs with it just isn't worth it.

The other frustrating part about this is they were officers and they want to come back when Wrath comes out. I have no problem with this but how do I treat them? Do reinstate them to the level they were before they left? Do I have them start from one of the low lvls and have them earn their way back up? Also a few of the other officers have alts that they have in the progression guilds as well. Do I treat these guys any differently? Always hard questions when you are the GM of a casual guild and have people who want more.

I guess I will just have to try and stay true to the basic rules that we have in the guild and since these people are spending more time in the other guilds they will then have to get bumped down to a lower rank. While I am sure I can call on them when the time comes for Wrath it will be a little harder to accept them in the leading roll since I will always wonder if they will do the exact same thing when they have reached 80 and want to get to see some of the content that we aren't capable of doing.

Also I hit 58 on my shaman along with my wife on her pally. We are going to stay in Vanilla until we hit 60 then move on to Outlands and work on quests there.
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