Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yup still here. Just haven't had a lot of time to myself lately. Been workin hard on lvling my shammy and have him at 61 almost 62. By the end of the week we will be out of Hellfire and into Zangarmarsh.

Fishing is at 336 now and have been working in Zangarmarsh just outside of the Cenarian Circle area. Fishing is pretty good and I have sold my Blackened Sporefish on the AH for a decent amount. Keep a stack on me all the time to use while lvling. I have been getting a lot of spell dmg mail lately and am thinking of respeccing to Elemental to try it out. Might even go resto early but have to wait and see.

Did some reading and it seems that Blizz is talking about 3.0 coming out around the 14th. This coincides with what happened with BC in that they released the bridge about 30 days before BC hit the stands and the 14th is 30 days before Wrath hits the stores. I can actually picture myself standing outside of either Walmart or Gamestop to get my 2 copies of  Wrath so I can install it that night. One for myself and one for my wife.

Personal note only have about 2 months left til we have a bouncing baby on our hands again. Wife is getting anxious to be done with it but that is about normal I guess. She felt the same way when we had our first one.


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