Monday, October 20, 2008

Wow Calendar

It seems that WoW has finally come up with an ingame calendar which was released with the 3.0 patch. While I find it understandable that we need one what I don't understand is what they were thinking when they came up with it. I mean why have the calendar character based? And why have the invitation system so difficult? Why oh Why didn't they look at the 2 major mods that were out there for calendars? I find the interface to be almost comical in how difficult it would actually be to use. All one has to do is look at GEM or Groupcalendar to see how it could be setup, and if they were to setup a database instead of using a channel for communication this would make things that much easier.

Ah well one step they made in the right direction was to have it possible to join and decline invitations using the site.

/raise cup. Here's to Blizzard that they may pull their heads out of the sand and come up with a calendar that is easier to use.


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