Tuesday, July 14, 2009

They're back!!!

We're Back, Back in Black yes we are back, back in Black yeah we're back, back, back in black!

ok I will stop singing now, I know I am no AC/DC. :)

So back in force and looking at my shaman once again. I have been spending the last few months doing a little of this and a little of that, but most of my time has been helping my friend level up his first toon. He has been enjoying his time in game, we have gotten him to 70 and he just got into NR yesterday. The main problem is that he is doing it on a 10 day trial and hopefully will have the funds to get the full game sometime soon as his time is coming to an end. The triple xp that came from recruit a friend was real nice and I was able to lvl up a warlock real fast. We made it to 60 in about a month and a half with only about an hour or so every night as he has a new little one at home that is being a little more disagreeable than our own. Once we hit 60 he picked up BC and off we went to Hellfire Peninsula. We were 64 by the time we went to Zangarmarsh and 66 going into Nagrand, finished off most of the Nagrand quests and had about 75% of 69 left so went to Blades Edge to finish it off. I worked on tailoring and mining with that toon though I didn't do much for mining, mostly waited until I hit 70 to start leveling tailoring. I have him at basic Frostweave and will level that as I am able with the cloth I pick up until 80.

For my shaman, I have been doing my fishing and cooking dailies as well as a few achievements. Its been kinda fun revisiting some of the old world. I did manage to get Flame Warden Achievement along with most of my exploration ones, hoping to finish that one by the end of the week. See what happens since we have Sonshine Festival this week.

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  1. I was told the other day that I needed to do some serious work on my enchants and gems. So I've been working on that, and going broke doing it. LOL