Friday, July 31, 2009

Death of Matrix Online

Not many know this but I was part of the closed beta for this game along with the open one after that. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and it is entirely possible that I would have been writing this blog about it instead of WoW except for the fact that my wife detested the game. For the past 4 yrs I have been playing WoW and wouldn't have started it if my wife hadn't enjoyed it and decided to take part along with me.

But back to MxO. Seems Sony feels they have gotten as much as they possibly could out of the game and so are shutting it down today. The premise behind the game was a continuation from when Neo had the Architect agree that anyone who wanted free from the Matrix would be set free and thus the continuing battle from there. Now the machines don't want to lose people because they lose their power cells, humans want people to free them and the Merovingian? Well he is more interested in acquiring power for power's sake. Who would you fight for? Personally I wanted to fight for the machines on the premise that due to what the humans did to the earth to try and beat the machines there is no way for earth to support all the people in the Matrix. Instead let the people know what they are capable of doing and to take full advantage of the power that would be available to them. Imagine being able to jump from place to place and not needing a car. To be able to produce things instead of having to purchase them. There is so much available to a person inside the Matrix and they would have the ability to live, it would in essence be a symbiotic relationship. Heh, as you can tell I did some thinking on this.

Anywho I would like to wish a fond farewell to a game that had so many possibilities in that they were a live story that was actually changing according to how the players played. It was the players who decided which way to go by taking part in the week long events that happened and thus the story grew from that. True there was a basis that the writers were leaning towards but they wanted feedback from the player base as to where to go. I personally would have prefered if they could have stayed with a rock/paper/scissors type fighting interface as it was more controlled by the player but rpg's are based on random numbers and thus are decided by those numbers.


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