Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How To: New Shaman Button Bar

New button bar for shamans is sweet and actually pretty easy to use. Can't wait to have my bartender play around with it a bit more, but back to the how to.

Step 1- go to your shaman trainer, whether they be in Exodar, Stormwind, or where ever the Horde go to train their shaman
Step 2- train for each of the calls Earth, Ancestors, Spirit
Step 3-click on new button that shows up next to your shaman button bar and look for the arrow that shows up just above it. Choose one of the calls and then assign totems to this call by choosing them from the buttons next to it.
Step 4-rinse and repeat for each of the other calls.
Step 5-If you wish you can go into the keybinding interface in wow menu and assign a keybind to each of your calls.

And now you can successfully call up 4 totems at one time. If you wish to change your totem you can use the button bar to do so. Personally I am keeping my totemtimer addon for the shield monitoring and to be able to change totems on the fly. it is a little less cumbersome to use, that and I hope the author gets it updated so I don't have to use the in game interface for this.


  1. I wish my realm was online *sigh*.

  2. Ouch. been surprised with how many are still down, this patch didn't even seem that major compared to others. Then again haven't been into the new instance either.

  3. I just wish you could display all of the calls at once.

    I have found myself wanting to be able to drop different calls at different moments, but then have to search through them to find which one it is I want...

    Likewise, I guess I am looking at them as a way to clear my other bars... I would have most totems covered if I could actually see more than one call at once.

  4. I personally have been using Totemtimers to assist with casting calls. It allows me to change my call setup quickly and for right now I only use the one earth call. I don't even bother with the others though I do still have them set to my F2 and F3 key.