Sunday, August 2, 2009


Went into Ulduar for the first time a few nites ago. Was a blast and thanks to our guild Raid Leader it went off quite well. We managed to get Flame Leviathan down without a wipe and after finding a few more people to fill out the roster we moved on to XT.

The thing was that we had sign ups setup and had 8 people sign up for the run, thankfully we had enough tanks and had 2 healers sign up along with 4 dps. We found our 3rd healer and decided to head in with 9 people. Run down what each machine does and what to do, take out trash time for the boss. Get the run down on what to do for the boss and pull. Went off smoothly with only 1 death, dps couldn't get back to machine before he got taken down by aoe dmg.

Oh too late for some of the people who came so 2 people had to log out which left us a healer and a dps down. Put out the guild what we needed and had one person volunteer for dps position though he was geared as a tank. No matter extra body always helps. Had a rogue login as well that we called on and got ready to go for XT. Took down trash with 2 shaman healers, a bear, and a tankadin. Leader spells out what to do for the boss and we pull him. Was going pretty good until the adds start coming in, my wife doesn't realize that she has to take out the bombs thinking they were the big guys she was supposed to stay away from and they march on the raid and wipe. 2nd time going in and we are running good took down first wave of adds but I just can't get close enough to help heal tank while trying to keep raid up and 2nd wipe. That is when we called it and decided it was time to sleep. Was a good run and I got Firestrider Chestguard not sure if it is better than my t7 and I don't want to sacrifice the 4 pc bonus that I get since I also now have my t8 gloves from doing VoA. Will put some pics below when I get on my main comp.


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