Sunday, October 18, 2009

Run Away! Run Away!!

The Headless Horseman is upon us. Yes ladies and germs it is Hallow's End so assemble your groups and move into Scarlet Monastery Cemetery to get your mount, if you are so lucky. Move onto the towns and look to the inns to get the achievements, for all those who missed out last year and are still looking for their purple dragons. (Hmm does that have anything to do with Puff?)

Well I got my party together and we moved to SM Cemetery, loaded up Horseman. Seems that the instance server we loaded to was 3 hrs after ours, and so Hallow's End hadn't started there yet. I was in no mood to wait 3 hrs to get into my instance and try for him so I said enough and called it a night. Hopefully we won't have any problems tomorrow. On a plus note we had a new lvl 80 DK join us tnite and is willing to help tank. Maybe this will help fill the rosters so that we can move into raids again. See how it pans out.


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