Saturday, February 6, 2010

Movin on Up! To the Middle Side?

Finished Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra along with the various instances there. Started in Dragonblight and did the An'Kahet instances there too through randoms or using the LFG interface. I am really liking this thing as it makes it so much easier to get into instances. You don't have to wait at the stone to get the people you need for it, and there is such a big pool to choose from. Glad Blizzard came up with it.

Anywho! Made a slight change to my rotation due to the amount of burst damage that is out there. Seems people don't like to wait for the tank to get aggro, they are just interested in topping the damage meters (wish they had never invented those sometimes.) I now go into a fight using icy touch>pestilence>Howling Blast>blood boil with Frost Strikes in between. I find this gets the initial aggro that I need to hold. While it is still possible for the dps to pull off of me they don't do it quite as easily. If it is a single target then I go in with Icy Touch>Plague Stike>Howling Blast> Blood Boil>Blood Boil.


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