Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Slight Change

Due to some RL issues and being burnt out with healing I have decided to turn to the other end of the spectrum. I built myself a Death Knight and am working on leveling him up to be a tank. So on to the juiciness that is being stabbed over and over again.

Name: Crannoc
Spec: Blood/Frost
Purpose: Tank

There isn't a lot of guides out there for tanking with a D/K along with blogs. Hope to come across a few to help me out otherwise it will be trial by fire. I have noticed in the few instances I have run that it is hard to hold aggro against a lot of the people using randoms. Seems everyone is either used to playing with over geared people or with pally tanks. I had an especially difficult time trying to hold aggro against a ret pally who insisted on running with his righteous fury on. Needless to say I left that group pretty quickly when they weren't interested in actually letting me do the role I had asked for when loading. Maybe it was petty of me, maybe not but I do feel the need to have experience and I won't get it by being the dps instead of the tank.

Here is the build I am planning on when I hit 80 along with the glyphs. Icy Reach may not be necessary but I figure all the help I can get is a good thing. Current rotation is go in with Icy Touch followed by Pestilence to spread Frost Fever and then Howling Blast, follow this with Blood Boil until your blood runes are gone. Get a plague strike in along with another icy touch and keep them rolling along with Frost strike. Not the simple fighting that you get when doing dps as blood, keeps you on your toes for sure.

Will post the macros I use next time I get in.


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