Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Site

Seems has been revamped a little, not sure if everyone has it, or if it just happened to me lately or what but must admit I am a little lost without. Ah the joys of change. I keep checking in to see if I have a beta invite yet and so luck. I have been keeping up with some of the changes that are posted on the site as well as following the blog whose author is in the beta. FYI deals with dk tanking which if you don't know has been of interest to me since I leveled Crannoc and have been playing him lately. Just don't see as much call for healers as there are for tanks so figured I would help fill a role that way.

I am a little flighty when it comes to my toons and do have a habit of switching from one to another. I enjoy playing Airdrigh my shaman but like I said not much call for them since it seems that everyone is leveling a healer alt, but not that many want to tank. Did a full clear of ToC last nite that went very smoothly, fastest I have ever gone through there in my whole WoW carreer. Healers and DPS were top on and we only had one wipe that was on the first set of bosses, the pvp part even went smoothly which was unusual. Picked up a tanking ring out of there that was a definite upgrade. Hope to get into ICC with him some time and see how I do against the first 4 bosses minimum.

Side note. Been checking out, and watching The Weekly Marmot. Pretty informative webcast though a little biased in that one plays a tankadin and the other plays a priest for the most part. They do have some interesting perspectives especially since they are trying out the Beta. Hop over there if you find the time and check it out.


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