Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Level 15, spying and getting ganked

I had a good night last night for the most part. My wife went grocery shopping so after the kids were in bed I had uninterrupted time in game.
First thing I looked at was the amount of cultivation available, which wasn't very much so I wasn't going to bother with Team Practice. I needed to get some more xp so that I could get it converted. I did a few quests around Yuyang village, which was the starting zone for my story, did some farming to get my wheat to make some food and get the daily quests done for each profession. I then decided to try my hand at spying for the first time.
I think I use have been any school of Wudang because the first spot I went to was Shaolin temple. I ran there with my horse and as soon as I got into the zone for the temple I joined up as a spy through the interface. I was ported and then proceeded to run up to the actual temple. I found the scouting disciples and got the 10 pieces of information that I needed and ported out to my school. I handed the information in and got the 1 part done for the week. I then found the scholars area and got my 10 Info for that as well.
It was a good night.

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