Tuesday, April 16, 2013

LVL 20 A Night of PVP

I hit lvl 20 last night if you want to call it a lvl. My inner school of training is at 90 at least. I am finding that I don't have to worry much about doing Team Practice as I have plenty of cultivation during my time that I am logged out. I do need to figure out some way to make some money so that I can get some better gear. A number of the items I have are still from when I first logged into the game.

We did some PVP practice as a guild last night in Wudang. It was interesting to fight against someone who wasn't way over the top of me and actually learn a little from them. The one thing that I get so frustrated with this game is that I got onto a server that was open in the beta and I didn't leave to start on a new one. So there are a number of players that are maxed out already and all they have to do is sneeze at me and I am dead. This kind of thing seems to attract some of the worst griefers who just look for lowbies to gank. But hey it is part of the game and part of PVP. Maybe someday I will reach that point and be able to defend the lower players that are getting owned.

I transfered my cooking to poison making which is a lot like enchanting. We don't have one in the guild yet so I decided to get it to help out. It is an interesting mechanic in that with poison making I have the ability to pick my own poisonous plants, seems that others can't pick them or something like that. There is a little mini game that you play against your trainer to level up your skill, I am still an apprentice so I am not sure how high up I can go with it. This mini game has 12 tiers to it and as you go up a tier you get more xp towards your skill. What I found out yesterday is that this tier thing seems to reset everyday so I may have hit tier 4 the day before but I needed to restart it at tier 1 today.

The interface for the game reminds me a lot of bejeweled only some of the items you clear give you the ability to do damage to your opponent which is the main goal. You move on to the next tier by defeating your teacher. The one thing of note is that there are different abilities to do damage. If you look at the your skills circle in the picture above what you seem to need to do is fill up those 2 spots that are pointed out there, ie clear 4 of one kind of poison and 7 of another. This then allows you to activate the pair ability that will do the damage that you get from the tooltip stated. I believe this one will turn all yellow poisons to purple and do the equivalent of 1 damage per yellow changed. Also if you clear the "hands" that are shown in the game, if you get 3 of them cleared you can use that to attack the other person for 3 points and it uses 1 turn. The game is rather time consuming but has some decent rewards in the experience department.

In my next installment I will be talking about gaining xp and getting guild rep. Have a good one all.

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