Sunday, July 20, 2008


I have wanted to start a blog in quite a while but hadn't really found anything that I was interested in. I have a level 70 tankadin but don't feel I know enough to add to the community, a level 70 frost mage but usually only use him to generate money for my toons thru dailies and a lvl 70 resto druid who I have enjoyed very much but pretty much follow what I feel like and read through various blogs. So here I am with something new for me.

What I am planning to do here is record my progress of leveling a Draenai shaman with the plans of setting him up as a healer at lvl 70 and then helping out with high level raids as I am able. I will be using this plan and leveling as enhanced until I hit 70 and then moving over to resto at that point.


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