Friday, July 25, 2008

Well, What I never thought would happen was,

Been checking out Blog Azeroth lately and they came up with the above shared topic and it got me to thinking.

1. 25 man content.

While I haven't seen this on my shaman yet I have been through on my druid and had the pleasure of taking down Gruul. We as a guild are currently working on getting Mag down as well and may even look into going into SSC and see how we do. I have never been much of an end game content kind of person, probably the reason I have everyone of my character slots filled along with 3 70s, and so never really thought of getting far enough to get to 25 mans. Well that and never thought the guild would get big enough/geared enough to handle it.

2. Guild Size.

This goes along with the above but I never really thought we would get the Blooded Dragons to a point that they were "self-suficient" and geared enough to make it to 25 mans. When my wife and I started the guild on Uldaman it was more a place for people to get together who had the same idea of play and where they could let their kids play. Well it has become that and so much more, I never thought we would be breaking the 150 account mark, and we have blown that to 200, that are all together to have a safe enviroment to interact and play together.

3. Family in Game

Hmm well seeing as I have my wife 2 sisters, 2 brother in laws, and my mom in the game it kinda of surprised me that we could find an enviroment that we find so entertaining. While I have to give my one sister the credit of getting us into the game still I was able to get them all to be part of our guild. :)


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