Saturday, March 14, 2009

New PTR Build.

I will admit I joined up with the PTR right when it started up. I haven't had much time to do anything but play around with the dual spec thing and see the interface for it. I am very curious about the armor closet that they will release with it since I had been using outfitter for the longest time on my druid and when we had the riding crops and such. Now it has fallen by the wayside.

Anywho was reading on Totem Talk about the changes that were coming to Shaman with the new build and while I am rather frustrated over the homogenizing of the classes it is nice to see a few of our totems will still be useful. To all those who haven't read Lodur's post about our Mana Spring not stacking with Blessing of Wisdom this will be new to you. While I can understand somewhat what Blizzard has done with this I follow after Lodur in saying it gets rid of some of the uniqueness of Shaman(s) and so limits how oftem we will get invited to instances.

Then I did some thinking about it, Blizzard has been taking a stance of bring the player not the class. So with this thought it mind if we don't have enough paladins in the group to give blessing of kings as well as Blessing of wisdom then if there is a shaman in the group we can fill that role of helping with mana regen. I especially enjoy the fact that our mana spring now returns as much as Blessing of Wisdom. See what comes of it I guess, just wish they would make it raid wide instead of just group, especially since we have BoW cast raid wide and so all those who recieve it benefit.


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