Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shared Topic: What three Achievements are you most proud of?

Thought I would put up a quick post on this one.

Three most proud of....hmmmm.

One: Ambassador, took me a little while to pick this one up and I went about it by actually running around and completing quests to fill it out. I suppose I could have bought the cloth and gotten rep that way but wanted to do it "right."

Two: Not sure if this an achievement or not but I got all my skills to 450. This isn't something I usually bother with since I get bored with it pretty quick, but I did a lot of fishing while my wife was pregnant. I ended up cooking alot due to the fish I had. Turned all my cloth into bandages, and picked herbs while wandering around. The only thing I really had to work at was Inscription but even that, most of the leveling was from doing research.

Three: Don't have it yet but I am working on getting all the old world instances done, will then move on to BC and get that done then hopefully LK instances. We hit a bit of snag with 40 AQ in that the first boss has a nasty mc that the boss is easy but having to take down a lvl 80 druid who is smacking you around is hard.

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  1. hmm...

    The Fall of Naxxramas
    Momma Said Knock You Out - got to tank this one almost by myself
    Intense Cold - had a great group, so didn't even have to use my racial (just pvp trinket)