Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2 steps forward or is it back?

Finished the quest chain for the key frags for Kara for Piqued. Will try and get into BM before the end of the week. The really fun part of this is that I have my mom running along with us on her first 70, a feral cat druid. She seems to be enjoying it so far I just hope she isn't overwhelmed with it. Mom doesn't plan on getting LK for a bit yet but we will see what happens, I did tell her to continue questing to make some extra gold especially since she hasn't gotten her epic ground mount yet.

In Northrend been mostly fishing due to RL issues going on this week and all. Other than that has been spending about an hr working on the Kara key quests, so a pretty slow week thus far.

Bleh why does work have to interrupt wow life huh?


  1. WoW > Work

    Too bad you can't get paid for playing WoW uh?

  2. Too true there. Hmm maybe I should look into selling gold. :) Only prob is that I haven't even got enough to get my epic flyer yet so I think I would be broke and out of a house.