Monday, November 3, 2008

Re-Rethinking Resto Talents

Thought I would throw up my thoughts of where the points for resto-shaman in rebuttal to Hoof n Healz. Personally I went with 0/10/51 to get the crits from Thundering Strikes and since I use Riptide and Chain Heal for most of my heals I enhance CH. I don't use LHW or HW but when I do I like to have Tidal Waves proccing. I am so waiting for the Glyph to improve CH, at least there is only a wk left for that.

But hey that is just my opinion. :)


  1. I am actually going to give the 10/51 build another chance in a raid setting. I ran Heroic Mgt and honestly, I think it saved us more times than not. I think I was initially tunred off on it since it was changing how i healed and I am a creture of habit.

  2. Yeah. I did stick with the NS and the enhanced cleanse just because I like to have the oh snap! response time.