Sunday, November 2, 2008

A dirge to the weapon buffs!

Was doing some reading in my blog roll and came across this article from Wow Insider, and I must admit I was quite shocked over it. Why in the world would Blizzard go ahead with this idea when it has always been a core for me when customizing myself for raids. Some people like to go for the Superior Mana Oil for the mana regen while others go for Brilliant to get the extra heals and the regen, and then there are those that go for the Wizard Oil to get the extra heals or hits. Personally I was running the Brilliant on my druid just to keep up the mana regen tho with 2.4 I did fall back on Superior when it was available. And now? We either won't be able to use any new ones or people will be farming the mats to make the old ones still. Personally I hope they just don't improve them so that people will still need to visit some of the old world places to get the things they need for it. And it will also make it possible for people to sell items on the auction houses.

I could be wrong in this but it seems that they are taking a lot of the staples that Alchemists make and cutting down on what is needed for raids. No longer are we able to drink more than one potion during an encounter which means that people won't be buying as many health or mana potions. No longer will people be using oils or sharpening stones so Alchemists won't be able to sell their potions and Smiths won't be able to sell their stones. How are people going to make their money anymore? Are they going to have to charge more for the other items to keep generating the income that they would have lost otherwise? Seems that Blizzard will actually make things harder for Raiders if you think about it. Instead of picking up a Healing Potion Injector or a Mana Potion Injector which used the business of an Alchemist and a Engineer, and may not have cost as much per potion, people will spend the same amount on 5 potions that they will carry and have to try and balance out when to use them. And then think of the wipes that will ensue from choosing the wrong potion. Oops sorry for the wipe I clicked on Mana potion instead of Health potion and died.


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