Thursday, November 27, 2008

RL vs. WoW: The Coninuing Battle

I am currently having a bit of a dillema battling between the two of these. My wife  is pregnant with our 2nd child and is due the beginning of next month, with this comes the difficulty for her to sit in her computer chair for long periods of time. We have always leveled all of our toons together and so have had an equal number of high level toons to play with. Now with her being unable to play as much as I am this has dug into my time with playing as well. I don't want to disappoint her and level my shaman but I am missing the moving through the zones and reading the quests. I have been leveling my different skills, skinning is at 450, cooking is up to 416, fishing is now at 418 and rising and my herbalism is over 400, not sure how high. I am enjoying the time that I get to quest with my wife and look forward to every time we get to do it but I just wish it was more.

Martyr that I am and feeling sry for myself over this whole thing I should probably just level up my mage since I can solo that pretty easily.

Well ttfn and have a good nite.


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