Saturday, August 30, 2008

Badges of Justice=DKP

So I was doing some thinking at work the other day about ways that guilds use to get people to run instances that they don't need gear from anymore. Some use DKP and others use mandatory signups, which then got me thinking what if Blizzard came up with a way to do it. Then I realized that is what the Badge of Justice is for. What better way to get people to continue raiding than to give them a reward even if there are no official rewards in that instance for them? I hear of people who right about how they hate them but to be honest I think it is a great idea. This is a system that allows people to get "DKP" even when they are pugging and it keeps some of the non raiding guilds geared to go beyond what they technically are able to do.

Now there is one draw back. What happens when people have the best gear they can get from Badge gear and yet aren't getting into end game content? This is where people can get really bored with the game because they really don't have a challenge with the instances that they are running. I mean technically they are overgeared for anything they can run in terms of Kara or Heroics since the gear practically equals tier 6 items. I did some reading around through various other blogs and when the new items came out that you can get from the Isle are sometimes even better than some of the tier 6 gear. When a dps that is wearing T6 gear and running a heroic with a tank that is just in blue they really have to watch their aggro since they are way over powered. Or when you have a healer that is geared to the teeth they can easily get bored with the instance in that they hardly have to worry about heals.

So then is there a point for people to keep playing the toon that they love so much but are beginning to get bored with?


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