Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Shared Topic Idea: What will I be Doing...

Blog Azeroth put up this shared topic and I thought I would run with it.

What is the first thing I will be doing when Wrath is made available? Hmm, first thing is going to Storm Wind and checking out the harbor then heading over Northrend from there and getting started leveling. I will probably stay restoratioin and try and the +spell gear that drops and see how that works, if it doesn't then I will try elemental and see how that goes so that I can switch back and forth easily. Main thing will be getting to 80. After I have my shaman leveled it will be my Druid, Paladin and then my mage if I have time. Will be interesting to see how it works out and am looking forward to exploring new areas, then again never explored all of the outlands or all of azeroth either.

Maybe I can center on one toon this time. :)


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