Thursday, August 21, 2008

Naxx on Saturday :)

So the guild is going to be running Naxx comin up on Saturday. Lookin forward to a chance to do some farming with the guild of this Old World/New World instance. I wanted to get into it before the expansion just to see how it is for now and see if it changes after Wrath hits stores. So far we have 20 people signed up but may have a few more show up last minute depending on schedules, just one more problem with a casual guild.

Anyways been farming Strat:Undead for rep to get attuned for Naxx and I picked up the attunement with 1 nexus crystal and 2 arcane crystals. Had some interesting drops tho nothing to write home about, was nice to get back there and remember the old days. I remember when that was a 10 man raid that you could do, this was before they gimped it and then put in the 45 min run for upgrading your gear but ah well. That was also when BRD was a nice 10 man as well. Then again that was the days when there were no Greater Blessing either and as a pally you were constantly casting buffs on people that would last for 5 min at a time. That was the time when all pallies were wanted for was their buffbot ability, /shudder. Glad things have changed in that part for sure.

Also the new trailer for Wrath came out today here it is below, hope you enjoy. :)

Wrath of the Litch King Cinematic Intro HD from DrkSnpr14 on Vimeo.


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