Monday, August 18, 2008

WoW Insider: Defining mains and alts

So what does define a main and an alt? Is it the one you play the most or is it the one you started with? This is a tough question and can be different for each person as they play. For me personally I think it is the one that you enjoying playing the most. Your "main" can move from each of your toons in your arsenal since this is a game you should be playing the way you enjoy. The main thing people seem to forget is that this game is supposed to be enjoyable. I hear over and over about how people can't handle the pressure of having to fill roles, or aren't enjoying the characters they are playing or the spec they are playing. I have always had the stance in our guild that each person plays the character they enjoy the way they enjoy. I don't pay their $15/mo and neither does anyone else in the game so they shouldn't have to play the way that other people want them to play.

Now how does this affect the guild? As a guild we need certain people for runs, we need to have healers, tanks, ranged dps and melee dps. And if we want to take on some of the bigger mobs then we need to have a party that is geared for the target and can fill the roll necessary either through spec or through spell rotation. So what we need is people who are willing to fill those rolls and stick with those characters to help out the others who are looking to improve their gear. The biggest problemis trying to balance the desire of people to try something different and not sacrificing the gear that is necessary for some of the core people that are on the run. Now the advantage we have in our guild for this is that anyone who is on the run gets to roll for the gear. So if someone has a toon that is geared and ready for the instance and they have signed up for it then the loot that is for their spec is available to them. By this I mean you don't have a resto druid rolling against gear for a feral druid or a rogue.

So is there really a difference between a main and an alt in our guild? Not really, we have players in our guild and they decide if they want to take that character with them on a run.


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