Monday, August 25, 2008

Haels FTW!!

Woot got to run my first instance as a resto shammy was real sweet. Went into ZF with a lvl 49 feral druid, 48 ret pally, 50 ice mage, 45 fury warrior and myself at 49. As we were getting ready for the instance we were looking for people from the guild and had everyone sign up except a healer so off I ran to IF to respec for 15g. Got respec'd with and hearthed back to Gadge and headed into the instance. Had my lovely wife share the quests that she could with me and it was off to the races.

I was using grid along with the healing macro:

/cast [target=mouseover, help][help][target=targettarget, help][target=player] Spellname

to cast my heals. I think I might put in there at /stopcasting to interrupt my casts incase I find I need something better. I was using this along with Grid which was just an easy UI to keep an eye on people's health bars and such. Also I love Nature's Swiftness for those OH Noes!! situations.

ZF is a lot easier now with the gimping from Blizzard but hey I can work with that. Was nice to be able to finish the whole thing in under 2 hrs with only 1 death.

The only thing I am trying figure out why I am getting some kinda lag spike. I think I will try running once without any addons and see if I still get the spikes or not.


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