Friday, August 15, 2008

Shared Topic: If I Could Have A Class Flying Mount

Hmm would have to agree with Flameshock on this one for the shammies, Would be totally wicked to fly around on a bit of air as the mount. Then again would be cool to go as a lightning bolt as well, I seem to remember one of the latest books by David and Leigh Eddings that one of the gods in there uses a lightning bolt for getting around.

For Paladins it should be a pegasus to go with the warsteeds that they have been using as a theme. Go with different colors? Hmm would be nice to pick a black one out instead of the white but hey I am not too picky about it.

Druids already have theirs and I think that the form idea was the best way to go with it. Just wish I didn't have to come up with the 5k gold to get it.

With leveling my shaman right now I don't have a lot of income so the idea of paying for an epic mount is a little far fetched. Maybe when I get to 80 on all my toons I can finally settle on one that I can farm and make some money with. Just can't seem to generate enough due to getting bored with the grind.


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