Saturday, August 23, 2008

Epic Fail

Went into Naxxramas tnite just to get an idea on how it is before Wrath comes out and was it miserable. We went in with 13 lvl 70s and a couple 6x. We went down the construct hallway and made it up to the 3rd room. The first 2 weren't too bad but that 3rd room just couldn't quite get the timing down so then we decided to move onto a different Old World Raid.

Went into Nax with my tank Skarrde, a feral tank and another tankadin who was having severe problems with being d/c'd all the time. Also only had 2 healers along, a lvl 70 holy paladin and a 70 Holy priest. They were pretty good at keeping up with the splash heals that we had along with keeping the tanks up. First pull was interesting but we managed to survive it and the next few were typical tank and spank pulls. Wasn't until we pulled the 3rd room that was full of slimes that we wiped. After the wipe we came back into the instance and managed to take down the room but had some big slimes spawn in the room that we were trying to rez and ended up wiping us. We get back take down the big slimes and low and behold the little guys had respawned, so back at it again and they wipe us out one more time. After we got back from that we questioned ourselves if we really had what it took to work this instance and decided better not. We then decided to run over to ZG and see if we could get the mounts off the 2 bosses in their. Took them down without any problem and had a few purples drop but nothing worth noting, and no the mounts did not drop.

In some ways I am a little frustrated that we gave up so early on Naxx and I honestly felt we could have worked something out but we were kinda limited in who showed up. Maybe if there had been enough people that were able to come we could have made some head way but we will never know. I know that not everyone in the guild really wanted to run that since it has nothing for them loot wise and they felt it was content that wasn't important. I also know that if it had been Gruul's or even Kara the same people would have asked to go again and again til we beat it even if we had been short a few people.

Maybe try MC or something next time. One other note, you can't summon people into Naxx who aren't attuned for it.


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