Friday, August 15, 2008


From reading through my various sources(,, I have been noticing that quite a few Shamans will down rank their healing to conserve on mana for the fight. Seems that quite a few people found out that the HPS for Healing Wave rank 4 and Healing Wave rank 5 in reference to amount of mana used for it. Also quite a few people would spam rank 1 to get Healing Way to proc on the target since mana cost was low and and cast time was fast. But it seems that Blizzard has made that obsolete. I was reading throught Resto4life and came across this post about how they are making things a % instead of a base mana amount. This really doesn't pertain to my druid as I am always hitting with the highest rank heal that I can since LB only has rank 1 and the others I use to help out when things go south. But for the shaman it does kind of frustrate a person in knowing that the things people have studied for and worked around are now going out the window. In a sense it is like saying here take all your methods of healing and throw them out the window and start from scratch with it. I was thinking that maybe people would maybe go for the downrank for a faster heal but if you look at Lesser Healing Wave there is less mana used in this and only a 1.5 sec cast while Healing Wave Rank 1 still has the 32% mana used and the 1.5 sec cast time. Just looking at it the lesser is the way to go even if it is rank 9

Well just something to think about. :).


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